Our Mission

As mission we will invest in skills development with a core focus in developing and uplifting good governance and business enterprise development in the continent by offering quality business skills, knowledge and competencies to our clients

Our Vision

Vision Our vision is to become a thought leader in the Human Capital Development and consulting services across Africa.

Our Values

We dedicate ourselves to products and services that create enthusiastic young leaders. No one is second-guessed for doing the right thing. We maintain a limited member base, ensuring that we are always available to serve their needs. We actively seek feedback from our members about how we are doing in satisfying their requirements, teams and individuals accept accountability for preventing, correcting and stopping processes that do not conform to providing quality service, strong and efficient guidance.


At Imbokodo Innovations International, training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills. As the leader in professional training, we offer excellence, providing the very best learning and development solutions customized to your exact needs. In a world of fast-changing regulations, rapidly advancing technology and dynamic markets, it is essential to keep your staff up to speed with developments in technology standards and regulations. People who are given proper training and support in their professional development are likely to be more motivated, proud of their position and responsibilities and more skillful, knowledgeable and productive.